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Cargill Innovation Center i Dirdal

Cargill Innovation Center i Dirdal

Cargill Innovation Center in Dirdal, Norway, is a pioneer in fish feed research and innovation, with a long history of brave and important R&D investments.

The research in Dirdal started in 1986 when former EWOS opened a research station. Ten years later, the research station had expanded to include a technology center and two sea sites for large-scale research trials, achieving a co-location of fish feed research and research on technology on fish feed production. In 2017 Cargill opened a cutting-edge research laboratory, and the latest addition is a research lab for Recirculating Aquaculture systems (RAS) which opened in 2020.

These state-of-the-art R&D facilities, including world-class researchers, has laid the foundation for Cargill to provide our customers with highest standards of advice, guidance and fish feed for good fish welfare and profitability.


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