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To design and produce feed for salmon can be quite complex. A salmon needs proper nutrition in all stages of its life cycle, adapted to the various conditions in which it lives. Our approach to developing our feed products is to put the needs of the fish first.

Cargill has a network of R&D centres across the globe including a dedicated health challenge centre in Chile and a nutritional excellence centre in Dirdal, Norway. 

These centres also allow us to rapidly screen new ingredients, or combinations of ingredients to understand their bioavailability and functionality to meet the nutritional demands of the fish.  This approach has led to Cargill delivering market leading diets such as EWOS Rapid, EWOS Adapt and our EWOS Micro and CLEAR hatchery diets. 

With good feed, the salmon has the best condition/prerequisite to stay healthy. We work closely with our customers to meet these needs.

Contact your customer consultant to learn more about our feed concept for salmon.