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With over 90 years of servicing the global salmon industry, EWOS is a world leader in Salmon Aquaculture feeds. We blend years of nutritional knowledge with cutting edge technology from the Cargill Innovation Centers to deliver performance and quality to the North American farmer.

With feeds specialized for Atlantic Salmon, Trout, and Pacific Salmon, find out what EWOS can offer to reach your farming goals.  We understand that different salmon species require different nutritional offerings in order to maximize growth and quality.  EWOS takes a customer-centric approach to understand your specific requirements to provide the most optimal feeds needed in your operations. 

Along with offering full lifecycle solutions, we also have tailored offerings based on your growth, sustainability, or economic goals.  We understand that each farmer has different standards to maintain for their end-users and we can provide solutions for you to comply with your customers.

Contact your local representative to set up a consultation with one of our technical experts today.