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2019 Feed Sustainability Report

2019 Feed Sustainability Report

By living up to our vision and engaging employees, we are making sustainability part of our culture and everyday practice.

Sustainability is deeply embedded in our vision and the way we do business. Healthy seafood is needed in larger quantities to feed growing populations, and we aim to lead the transformation towards sustainable seafood production and healthy oceans.

To deliver on our promise of healthy seafood for future generations, we commit to support the sustainable growth of the global aquaculture industry through a value chain approach to sustainability, which broadens the perspective of sustainability beyond the direct impact of its operations and into the wider societal impacts.


Highlights from the 2019 report include:

Helping farmers succeed

Aquaculture producers worldwide hold one of the keys to meeting the increasing global demand for healthy seafood for a growing population. Our sustainability strategy is geared towards helping farmers produce more and use less of the world’s finite resources, while staying competitive in a fast-changing marketplace.

Human health stewardship

We are committed to supporting the sustainable growth of aquaculture and enabling future generations to enjoy the health benefits of eating seafood. In 2019, our salmon feeds delivered 25.4k tons of EPA&DHA – and we did this safely and responsibly for our teams and the communities in which we operate.

Nutritional knowledge

We work alongside farmers, providing core nutrition to help them see thriving growth and to promote health and welfare in their stocks. Cargill invests more than $10 million per year in research and development to supply the nutrition fish and shrimp need. Nearly a quarter of our salmon feeds sold support fish health and welfare and since 2015 we’ve seen a 79% reduction in active antibiotics sold in medicated salmon feeds.

Responsible sourcing, globally

We are working diligently to lessen the impact of our feeds, starting with the careful selection of raw materials through better feed efficiencies. Globally, Cargill sourced 40% of our marine ingredients from trimmings and fishery waste and 66% of our global soy was certified ProTerra, RTRS or organic-certified – 100% of the soy used in Norway and Scotland was certified ProTerra. In addition, we reduced Scope 1&2 GHGs by 14% per ton of salmon feed since 2017. 


Learn more about our Aqua Nutrition Sustainability Report Here:


Integrated Management

The integrated management system has guided our cold-water feed activities for nearly a decade. It is pivotal to our EWOS brand and is set to permeate the rest of our operations.

Certifications & Collaboration

We collaborate with others across the aquaculture industry to promote best practices and improve sustainability. 

Our Stakeholders

As a global supplier of feed for aquaculture and a critical part of the seafood supply chain, we interact with a highly diverse range of stakeholders.