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Accommodates for flexibility
Om oss|22.11.2021

Accommodates for flexibility

This year June got a new job as Maintenance Manager at Cargill's factory at Halsa. Around 50 people work at the factory producing EWOS salmon feed. A large workplace in Meløy municipality with just over 6,000 inhabitants.

June started in the factory as an apprentice in 2010, she then took a certificate in chemistry process and a bachelor in materials technology in Trondheim, before returning to Meløy and working in the municipality administration.

"I was very happy when I was hired by Cargill this summer, as head of the maintenance department. The environment is male-dominated, but that is not a problem. I have gained a lot of trust, both from the factory management and those I lead ", says June who also find time to do process engineering studies.

She thrives in a company where diversity is important.

"We are actively working to hire more females. I want to be a good role model, among other things in campaigns for school students in the local community. "

As a Cargill employee, she appreciates good working environment and flexible arrangements. Its valuable as she also is a mother with two small children.

“If necessary, I can work from home, but I would rather be where it happens; at the factory. Then I get involved in a lot and can influence which projects we should prioritize. Cargill has a great willingness to invest, and this allows for continuous improvements, not least in HSE. "


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